…… messages from our puppies and their owners

“Our Patonga Puppy is absolutely wonderful. He is everything we could of asked for in a family pet. We just love him to bits….”


Sienna’s arrival

Since Sienna’s arrival our 12 year old dog has found a new lease on life. Companionship and a source of entertainment when Sienna isn’t annoying him! They make a great pair!

Graduated from puppy school 

Hi Lil, hope you and your family are doing well! Milo update- he graduated 😁from puppy school yesterday. He aced it with all the cues but just couldn’t get him to sit still for the photo session. He was determined to get the graduation hat off. You’ll see in the pics it’s just about there at the back of his head. 🙂 

He is such a delightful little bloke

He is such a delightful little bloke. Such a placid little man. He goes out to play at recess and morning tea, then just chills out in my office all day! Loves the attention and my goodness the kids (mine and TAS kids) love him!!!

What a great beginning he has had

Lil, I can’t even begin to tell you what a totally wonderful job you and your family have done raising those pups – watching Inka with him and watching how happy he was to see you both just shows what a great beginning he has had. I just hope that we can continue to do as good a job.
Good luck with saying goodbye to all the rest of those butter balls.

Marley met another Patonga Pup today on the beach at the South Coast


Hi Lil. Marley met another Patonga Pup today on the beach at the South Coast !
The little one is 5 month old Maggie !
They looked so similar !
Happy new year to all the PP’s  🐶 !!!


We love our sweet girl

Hi Lil, hope you are well. Our little Peggy la la just moved into her big girl collar, pink is def her colour!! We go walking morning and night and the other night a man was walking behind us ( my 4 year old and I) so Peggy gave him a back off bark, I was so proud of her, I think it’s the first time I’ve ever heard her bark. We love our sweet girl.

Aubrey is amazing

Hi Lil! Hope you guys had a lovely Christmas- Aubrey is amazing, has doubled his weight between vaccinations and is doing so well. Almost toilet trained and is sleeping in the crate overnight until about 5am, he is so much fun, nothing worries him….

Beautiful girl 

Hi Lil, 

Thank you for Ellie’s paperwork. 

I’ve been meaning to ring you but Miss Ellie has been taking up soooo much of my time. 

We absolutely adore her, she is just the sweetest girl and very easy to train. 

As you can see in the picture, her big brother thinks she’s pretty cool too, inseparable in fact. 

BIG thank you for such a beautiful girl. 

Will keep in touch.  ❤️❤️ 


Best Buds!

Best buds! They are literally inseparable 💙💙🐶🐶

They are so so beautiful and they are literally in love with each other x

We are thrilled! She is so beautiful 😍

She is much loved and a very happy puppy with so much attention and fun times


We were lucky to get Maggie to puppy school as they are heavily booked these days in Canberra ! However, by the time she had her first class she could sit, drop and stay without a problem…  a perfect student, thanks to you !!

Thank you Lil for the opportunity to buy this gorgeous dog – she is much loved and a very happy puppy with so much attention and fun times.

Turning one on the weekend

Pretty excited about our little girl Frankie turning one on the weekend! She is just the best and so very loved!

We have had a big first week at our new home! Loving my back garden especially the trees! Got to go to work with my mum and felt very at home! Met my new vet and fell asleep there and have made lots of new friends with kids who I have been very very gentle and kind with💞. My new family is totally in love with me and can’t imagine life without me now! Xx

Daisy went for her for first walk yesterday and she loved it

Daisy went for her for first walk yesterday and she loved it. x
She also enjoys hogging the bed, eating carrots and cuddles with her human mum. x

He’s going really well and ​growing a LOT

Hi Lil

Just thought we’d give you an update on Milo. He’s going really well and ​growing a LOT. Every morning we wake up and he looks like he’s grown overnight! We have started puppy pre-school and as you can imagine, he is the best looking dog in class ?

As you can see he still loves his sleep and will sleep anywhere! We couldn’t be happier with our new family member.

Hope you and your beautiful dogs are all well. Thanks again for all you did to raise such a beautiful pup before he came to our home.

He is such a big boy already at 7.5 months, with so much energy and puppy charm

Hi Lil!
Hope that you are well and are seeing the photos that I’ve tagged you in of Bobbie on instagram!
Just thought I’d drop you a quick update on Bobbie (and a lot more photos too!).
He is such a big boy already at 7.5 months, with so much energy and puppy charm. He has given us lots of laughs in our home, and some very funny stories to share of his cheeky nature. We currently are at a total of 4 destroyed pairs of shoes he has snuck out of the house without our noticing – his favourite are leather, 1 poor arm of a leather lounge when I was hanging out the washing outside, our front timber steps he has enjoyed chewing on, as well as countless destroyed shrubs, and one poor camellia tree.
He is a very cuddly boy and loves to climb up on the lounge to have a cuddle at night and during the day when we are home. He doesn’t like to lay on the couch though, he prefers the human cushion!
He loves his fur aunty Ellie (she is a lab x and is 8 years old, included in some pictures below). She has taught him how to fetch his ball and ‘drop it’, swim in the creeks and river near our house, and to play gently as he can, sometimes she can be a bit too rough forgetting that she is a bit older!
We’ve also taught him to ‘lay down’ and ‘stay’ on his mat, ‘come’, ‘go there’ (when we point), walk ‘together’, and also to high-five/shake hands. He understands all these commands not only in english but also in greek, which we speak in our home. We’ve found it really helps us to keep him paying attention to us when we are around other dogs or people.
He goes to the vet next Friday for a check up and to get desexed but all other checks have been great.
Thanks very much for the little (but now big) blessing that is Bobbie for our family. We can’t picture our home without him! If only I could convince my partner to think about a friend for Bobbie..!
All the best

I can sit, stay, drop, roll and shake paws

Hi mum,
As you can see I am doing well. I am on my way to becoming a model dog citizen (once I stop barking in people’s ears, biting the backs of their knees when I am bored and trying to eat the cats I live with (and all their food).
It is nice here. I can get up on the kitchen bench from the couch and help myself to the peanut butter. I can get the lids off now too!
I can sit, stay, drop, roll and shake paws. Yesterday I went to the beach for the first time and I jumped right in as if I was born to be in the ocean. Then I went home and had my first bath.
I still look for Inka in every girl I meet – they aren’t her, but they are pretty nice anyway. I have several great dog friends that I play with every day and I am getting to know all the dogs in the park – the ones that will play and the ones that won’t!
I hope you are having a nice mother’s day.
Lots of love
Harvey Crinkle Cady

Growing up fast and cheeky as ever

Hi Lil, wish you and you family amazing Christmas and happy new year. Bailey @ beach. Happy as Larry. Growing up fast and cheeky as ever.

He is the most well behaved and loving dog ever


Hi Lil, just thought we’d give you a little update on Milo. He’s just turned 2 and he is the most well behaved and loving dog ever. He follows us all around the house the moment we get home and loves the water! We cannot thank you enough, the worst he does is suck on socks which is just gross. 😂


Crowd pleaser

Bensonn is doing very well, he sure is a crowd pleaser with visitors!!
We are blown away by his intelligence and adoring personality!!

Most loving creature 

Hank is the most loving creature I’ve ever had in my life.  

He still thinks he’s small. 😂😂 

Loves a cuddle and tummy rub! 

Hi Lil, here is Bob after his 10 month birthday.  He is a big boy who loves a cuddle and tummy rub!  He looks tired as he just spent 3 days with Bonny! 



Definitely cheeky 

G’day Lil, hope you guys are safe and doing fine. Just wanted to share some latest snaps of Bailey who is now 1.5 years. As always full of energy and love. Definitely a cheeky bugger.  


Bundle of joy and excitement

Hi Lil, hope you are doing fine. Just wanted to share some pics of Bailey. He is such a bundle of joy and excitement. Always beaming with energy.

Happy 2021 Lil. A quick update on Badger. He’s growing quickly and exploring the neighbourhood. Loves his sisters to bits.

Our shiny coconut 

Hello Lil, hope you’re well.  

Here is growing Byron. Our handsome, affectionate, hazel eyed, shiny coconut 😄😄 


We love her so much and she is just the best

We love her so much and she is just the best. She knows my whole morning routine, loves walks and will chase and bring back a stick all day if she could.

Charlee is settling in beautifully

Charlee is settling in beautifully. She was such a good girl the whole way home and even waited to go the toilet when we stopped. She is sleeping really well, no crying the first night and only a little bit last night. Loves Narla, our other dog, and our granddaughter! She sleeps inside near the fireplace. No accidents inside either, she seems to prefer to go to the toilet out on the grass.
We are loving having her with us. ❤️



Hey Lil, he is amazing, better than Charlie was in the crate. He woke up 2am cried for about 15mins then back to sleep until just before 6. No accidents either which was awesome! Charlie is just beside herself with him, so trying to teach her to be calm and gentle which is hard 😂😂 


Do you think she loves them much??!

Canela is doing great

We joined the ACT Companion Dog Club and started Obedience Training, which she absolutely loves. She is a very good girl and we are enjoying so much having her in our family.

Our little Hank ❤️

Thank you so so much for my beautiful surprise! I am so in love 🥰 he will be forever spoilt with so much love! Our little Hank ❤️

Hi Lil. He has stolen our hearts already. He is so good, going to the toilet outside. You can tell he comes from a happy stable place!!!

It’s been such a fabulous few days.  Thank you for letting us be his forever home. ❤️

Archie has grown a lot and very much part of his new family

As you can see Archie has grown a lot and very much part of his new family. He is such a good boy (most of the time) and just so good natured and loving, enjoying tummy rubs and cuddles whenever he can get them.
xx from Archie

Coco is doing so well

Received the pedigree papers today when we got home from the beach, thank you.
Coco is doing so well. Everyone loves her ! 🐾🐾



One week update. Everyone is settling in beautifully. Badger is completely smitten with the cat.


Completely smitten with his sisters 

Hi Lil. Badger is 7months old today and gorgeous as ever. Still completely smitten with his sisters. So happy you let him join our family.  

Loveable and full of mischief 

Hi Lil.  

We’ve seen your posts of the new puppies, while tempting, Archie is keeping us on our toes 😊 30 plus kilos and as strong as an ox. He is quite lovable and full of mischief. Hope all is well.  

We cannot imagine life without her. x

We wish we could get another one!💞 Sasha is doing really well and loving this wet weather.  We love her so much!  We get comments on her all the time about how beautiful she is. 🥰  We cannot imagine life without her. x 

Cadbury has settled in well


Hi lil, hope you had a great Christmas yesterday. Cadbury has settled in well, he had fun playing with Mums dogs, even though they’re a lot bigger than him.  He’s made friends at puppy school and has already learnt lots of new tricks.
Thanks again for all your help, and thanks for the paperwork you sent through the mail 🙂
I’ll send you through some pics. Cadbury has given Josh and myself so much happiness and everyone he meets absolutely melts! haha
(The poor boy ran into a tree branch and is needing eye drops, but other than that he’s healthy and well 😊)




He is just soooo beautiful

Lil, hurray! Nearly at the end of year.
Thanks for the paperwork for Aubusson.
He is just soooo beautiful. Friendly, accomodating of the chaos, the star after 2 classes at puppy school. 🤣Just working on getting him to sleep in. 🙄
We all love him dearly, and he regularly has us in stitches.
Congratulations to you, his even temperament and beautiful disposition is evident.
Thanks again Lil, it feels good having a dog back in our house.

Our big boy has turned two today

We have had so much enjoyment with him, thank you for such a great dog.

He’s like a rockstar

He is hilarious!! We love him so much, he is really cheeky and fun and such a gorgeous boy! He’s captain popular at school too!!! Kids run across the quad yelling out his name- he’s like a rockstar! ??? xx

Its a hard life being a school counsellor’s assistant!

Best friends, yet love the brotherly fight 

You’ve raised amazing puppies!  Ted and Buddy are doing really well, best friends, yet love the brotherly fight.  Thank you again! 


Rupert’s just over 7 months old now

Rupert’s just over 7 months old now and is certainly a big part of our family. Thank you Lil for everything you did to get him over here to Adelaide.

The Favourite

The favourite! Oh, he’s definitely the favourite 😄 Still very chilled out. We adore him 🥰 


Cinnamon has settled in well

Cinnamon has settled in well and slept beautifully last night. She has two especially dedicated carers!

She’s made our lives so much more fun!!

Hi Lil, I bought a puppy from you last September named Abigail. She’s 1 next month. She loves being the centre of attention, won’t get her paws wet and is the most loving and affectionate dog ever. Thank you for giving us her, she’s made our lives so much more fun!!

We’ve had Lola 6 weeks now

She’s the best, great with other dogs, beautiful temperament, obedient, basically completely toilet trained, and loves the gymnastics and equestrian?Other than that, she’s 10.5kg and loves her food, chewing everything and anything, and has a very gummy smile at the moment. x

Plenty of love for each other now…

Having loads of fun

He is having loads of fun and we are having the time of our lives with him. Just great. Thanks.

Cadbury has truly captured our hearts

Hi Lil,
Hope that you are well?
Cadbury has truly captured our hearts and anyone that meets her.

 She honestly has brought us so much joy

Hi Lil, A few months ago we got the gorgeous Kiah from you.  Just wanted to thank you.  She is absolutely divine and our entire family are smitten.  She honestly has brought us so much joy.  She has been on road trips to Melbourne and the coast, (before covid shut down our travels), graduated top of her class from puppy school and has been out charming everyone as she comes everywhere with us. The girls at Petbarn love her!
We will be in touch when the time comes to get her a little sister.  The kids have been bugging me for weeks to send you an update so here are a few pics of our beautiful puppy, thank you again!
PS-  my daughter demanded I tell you the black device on her collar is a GPS tracker- someone thought it was a shock collar and she was horrified people would think we would put one on her.  She is a runner though, so the GPS tracker is perfect.  So far we haven’t needed to use it thankfully!


Graduated puppy school

Look who graduated puppy school and look who is a very happy and confident girl with her new bestie BRADY ❤️
He is still very full on as the trainer likes to say he is a pumped up dog with too much energy ?  But he is soooo smart and he is setting very well, so glad we decided to keep him.

Mack is growing up!

Mack is growing up! Determined as he is, he can no longer fit in the cats bed! ?

Maggie now a big well behaved girl …. mostly!


Maggie now a big, well behaved girl …. mostly ! Happy Xmas Lil xx


Happy 1st Birthday to Bear – loving life in QLD.  

Beautiful nature we adore him xxx  


Just a happy boy 

He’s an absolute delight. As you said, not phased by much, just a happy boy… 😊 


Sydney on the Surfboard


Sydney on the Surfboard today…. an absolute natural 🏄‍♂️🐕‍🦺🐾

He’s so smart. Gives you a high 5 now too.

Very tired patongapups!!!!

Bunch of fun 

Hi Lil, thought I’d send this cute video of Maggie. She has been a bunch of fun and has fit into our lives perfectly. 

Turning one 

Hi Lil, I can’t believe George is one soon! He has such a great nature & is well known in the neighbourhood- everyone loves him & comments on what a beautiful puppy he is. He loves swimming & playing on the golf course especially. Thank you again – he is a much-loved part of our family. x 

Darby, he has settled in fantastic

Just update on Darby, he has settled in fantastic. We have got him sitting on command now.  Growing up fast, thanks for such a fantastic puppy.

We can’t be happier with him!

Hi Lil, hope you are all well. Just thought I would send some pics of Ferg. Almost 6 months and had him on the cattle scales today, came in at 25 kgs. Beautiful big boy, and the most chilled pup I have ever come across. We couldn’t be happier with him!😁

Loving life in the world

Frankie, 3 in June and loving life in the world of self-isolation right now. Hope you are all well in these crazy times Lil.

The star 

Hi Lil, Badger is growing quickly and learning lots. He is the star of his obedience class at the moment and learning to be a cafe dog. 



She is very relaxed in her new home

Rosie just wanted to let you know that she is very relaxed in her new home and has been perfect to date. Xxx

Not so little cheeky monkey 

Hey Lil, how are you? Just wanted to let you know how our not so little chunky monkey is doing.  Weight is 9kgs now, he has settled in well and had his 2nd needle yesterday and is thriving, hope all is well with Patonga Pups and your family 😘 


The process was seamless

I couldn’t recommend Patonga Pups highly enough, the process was seamless. As new puppy parents we had so many questions, but Lil was very patient, informative and amazing in helping us through. She gave us regular photo and video updates and we thank Patonga for our beautiful boy Milo. He is cheeky but with a very calm personality- a loving, confident and friendly boy. We get a lot of compliments on what a beautiful boy he is. Thank you once again Lil, he’s been a great addition to our family.

He is so beautiful and calm!

We are totally in love with him.xxx

They love him to bits

Greetings from cold, wet, windy Victoria. Dogs all snuggy warm!! Coco and Sienna are scarily similar now. But Coco has such a cheeky character. Stealing socks, underwear, toilet rolls, shampoo bottles, reading glasses and heading under the coffee table that she treats as a lair!!!! She is the one in the photo fast asleep with the communal soft toy in her mouth so no one steals it! I will be catching up with Simon Kelly and Trinity next weekend. Simon says Trinnie is being a real teenager at the moment but they love him to bits! Hope you and yours are fit and well.

Loving farm life 

Ferg loving farm life and watching tractors go by.  We love life with him, he has his moments, but we wouldn’t change him at all.  The most chilled pup out there. 

Hank has settled so well into our lives

Hello! Here’s a little update, Hank absolutely adores Henry and the same with Henry! They have hit it off straight away and become best buds!

Hank has settled so well into our lives and he’s become my little shadow which I adore!


Hey lil, hope you are staying safe! Just thought I would send these through… Snickers managed to upstage George at his own wedding.

I had an amazing experience!

I had an amazing experience! Was sent photos almost daily, every question was answered I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!! Lil called a few days after picking up my princess just to check in which I also thought was amazing! I have and will continue to recommend them to anyone looking for a puppy! Truly made this incredible experience that much better. 💗💗


Our vet of 25 years is most impressed with our latest family member 

Our family would thoroughly recommend Patonga Pups. Lil was amazing with all the questions I kept asking and continued to send us photos of our sweet Coco. Coming to us from interstate, Lil gave us peace of mind that Coco would arrive safely, and she arrived a chilled little pup. Our vet of 25 years is most impressed with our latest family member. 



Rusty in his Santa outfit

I thought I’d give you a little update, Rusty’s training is coming along beautifully, he now sits, drops, shakes, comes when called, stays and working hard on loose lead heeling atm. He’s got one puppy preschool session left with a big training session coming up on Monday, to hopefully get the heads up that we are on the right path to getting him accredited as a therapy dog ?
He has a beautiful nature and is extremely quick to learn.

Such a happy little man. We love him to bits!!! Hope things aren’t too quiet now over there!

Full of love and mischief 

Hi Lil, our little Ollie is not so little anymore as he celebrates his first birthday. He is our joy and full of love and mischief. 

Frankie is such a patient patient!

He is stunning, thank you.

Thank you for letting her be a part of our lives

Hey! Just an update on Maple! She’s doing super well and has settled in fabulously. She’s getting better and better with her tricks and is being as cheeky (and destructive 🤣) as ever. Thank you for letting her be a part of our lives. She’s changed it for the better 💞



Best friends… 

Our boy is nearly 9months old. Still adorable as ever. Hangs out with his best friend a lot. 

The most beautiful temperament

He has got the most beautiful temperament. We feel very lucky. J

First camping trip…. 

First camping trip this weekend! Toby travelled fantastically and was a dream at the site… 



Miss Bonnie

Hi Lil, hope you are well? Just wanted to send you a few photos of Miss Bonnie.
We are just so besotted with our beautiful girl. She completes us.
We have graduated from Puppy Preschool with flying colours!
We love hanging out with Noah and Livy and are very patient – especially with all the cuddles they want to give her!
And we love the car!!
Went on a picnic over the weekend and decided to help the kids do some digging in the sand and went for a quick dip in the river!! We love water – especially jumping into our water bowl!!
We also tried to escape under the fence to try and get out to the kids playing in the street!

I am so grateful to be able to have 2 beautiful boys, thank you so much.

Mummies boy… 

👋 Lil & co … Diesel is as beautiful as the day we got him and just as crazy … he’s definitely a mummies boy and such a snuggler!  Every time I see you have new pups my heart melts and I want another pooch like Diesel from you guys … Unfortunately, no room for another pup 🥲 



Lola is doing wonderfully

Lola is doing wonderfully. A little over 8 months old, she’s growing fast and is such a beautiful dog. She recently had her first overnight stay out of home – boarding with the vet while we went away a few days – she absolutely loves all the vet nurses and vets and had a great time.

He has so much personality and is spoilt rotten

Hi Lil

I just thought I would share some pics of Bruno to show you just how gorgeous he is and give you an indication of how big he got.

He has so much personality and is spoilt rotten ?.

She’s settled in really well 


Charly we just love 💕 her so much, she’s settled in really well.


Little bit of mischief

Hi Lil
We are absolutely in love.
He’s got into a little bit of mischief, but is now fully toilet trained, coming and working on sit.
He has his first big training this Friday.  She gives him the tick for therapy.

A real part of the family

Hi Lil, I hope you and the family are well. Nsundu is such a fantastic dog and a real part of the family. Probably the favourite!!

Love at first site for sure

He is divine Lil! Love at first site for sure. The girls are infatuated with him.

He has forever changed our lives and we love him to bits

I just wanted to tell you how much we love Reggie – he is trying very hard to be a good boy and sleep all night….some nights are better than others…
He is going to work with Mark during the day and loves being a landscaping assistant – digging is a speciality.
He is the only ‘noisy’ player in his puppy school group – he herds them all – obviously he has peered over the fence to see how the working dogs do it…
He has forever changed our lives and we love him to bits.

Freddo is 12 months old today!

Hi Lil!
I hope you are well!
I thought I would get in touch and say hello! Freddo is 12 months old today! He is the best thing that ever happened to us. He is the most beautiful, loyal and sometimes well behaved dog. His likes sleeping on the couch with us at night, swimming, food, food, more food and socks.. the dirtier the better, haha. We take him out to the dog park often and he gets to come on adventures out at the dam and comes to Sydney with us to visit family.
Thank you for bringing such a wonderful family member into our lives.
P.S. We both badly want a black lab now but we are waiting until we own our own home! Haha
Take care!

They are just so beautiful!

Thanks for sending photos – it is like being there!

Loving this growing boy so much!

Coco is a joy!

Hi Lil, thank you for our breeder registration, it has arrived and I love the gorgeous postcard and personal message you sent with it. Coco is a joy! I thought you might like to see these pics we just had done for Christmas!!! I hope this message finds you well. Xo




Hey Lil, I just thought I’d share some happy snaps of my little buddies. .
They are absolutely inseparable.  Rum definitely gets tired and annoyed every now and then but she is as always incredible. Tiga is a ball of energy and entertainment.  He loves my shoes and more so is the most loving dog I know. He loves a cuddle.

We love her


Hey lil

We got the papers in the mail the other day, thanks for sending them through.

Here are a couple of snaps of Macey. She has nearly doubled in size and loves playing with Barry! We love her.

Thank you again for making our Xmas so wonderful

Happy Xmas Lil. From Badger and his best friend Jessie. Thank you again for making our Xmas so wonderful. Badger has had his second shots and has ventured into the park for the first time today. T & K

He is a brilliant dog

Hi Lil. Thanks for Archie’s papers. They arrived today. He is a brilliant dog. Not short on cheekiness though. 😊 He is fearless and there is not a square inch of the garden he has not explored. He’s also loving the pool and is a great swimmer, although too small to climb out on his own. We need to feed him up more though so he can’t slip through the pool fence. At the moment, constant vigilance. Hope all is well.

He’s still doing really well and gets lots of attention

Hi LilI have attached a couple pictures of Big Max that we took yesterday.

He’s still doing really well and gets lots of attention when he goes out for walks! He’s also incredibly easy to train. He even worked out (by himself) how to open one of our back sliding doors to let himself in!

Hi Lil, do you think Pippi is guilty?

She is the most beautiful puppy and is loved by everyone. Hard to get cross at that face!

Bailey and his update

We thought to share a pic of Bailey and his update. He is still a bundle of joy and energy. Always keeps us on our toes and full of energy.

The above comparison is between 10 weeks and 10 months. He is all grown up and an absolute mischief 😀

Lola turned one!

Hi Lil,  

I hope you and your family (fur members too) are well. Lola turned one yesterday! I’ve included a photo of the birthday girl and some other recent snaps. As you can see, she’s such a beautiful dog 🙂 I can’t imagine her not being in our little family.  


Hugs and kisses from Cabrie

…we are all a happy family and a complete one because of you and my beautiful daughter. Hugs and kisses from Cabrie.

He brings us happiness everyday

Thank you so much for the postcard and the papers. I kept smiling seeing the photo on the postcard, 😊 you are a sweetheart Lil. 😘
Champ is doing well, he brings us happiness everyday. 😇

Louie is doing very well

Hi Lil, a quick update… Louie (or King Louie as he is regularly referred to) is doing very well. He has lost lots of baby teeth recently and off for his third vaccination tomorrow. He has become the absolute star of my son’s school. He walks down to pick up Isaac everyday and all the teachers drop what they’re doing to greet him – literally the kiss and drop halts functioning when Louie arrives lol. 

Sasha turned 1 yesterday

Just a few pics of Sasha, she turned 1 yesterday. She’s going well and we are all having lots of fun with her, even if she does chew everything she can get her paws on.

Riley is just loving Billie

Thank you Patonga Pups for our beautiful boy Chisill, now 7 months old

We love, love, love her, you guys have been fantastic, thank you ❤️

He wants to say hello to everyone 

He’s a beautiful boy. Cheeky but very loving. Very smart too… picks up and understands things quickly. He’s so friendly… when we take him for walks, he wants to say hello to just about everyone. He hardly ever makes a fuss. Thanks for giving us Milo. 



We are having so much fun with her

Hi Lil, I hope you are well. Thank you for Shelly’s papers. We are having so much fun with her. She is growing beautifully and going to puppy school.


Hi Lil, an update on Chisill. He will be 2 in July, still naughty but a beautiful boy.

Dad the chief pooh picker-upper! 

Sonny is getting big and bold and more beautiful by the day.  Cameron did her school speech on him and had everyone in stitches about how he likes to chase Iona and that her Dad is ‘chief pooh picker- upper’! It was very cute.  

Just thought we would send you an update

Woof! Hi Lil!

It’s me, Louie! It’s been a week now since I travelled to Melbourne to be with my new owners, Kim and Ben. I love my new home. I was a bit scared the first two nights but since then, I have slept soundly throughout the night in my new kennel. I love playing with my puppy dog toy, chasing the tennis ball and learning new tricks. I know how to ‘sit’ and ‘come’ and I am learning how to ‘drop’ and ‘stay.’ Chicken necks are my favourite but mummy and daddy say that I chew them too quickly! When it’s hot, I like to splash water out of my water bowl onto my belly. Mummy and daddy bought me a present today – my very own clam shell, which I like to splash around in. All the games I play make me quite tired and my favourite place to have a nap is on daddy’s gum boots. Mummy and daddy say that I am very chilled out and love my soft, shiny coat.
Love Louie xx

Lil he has such a great nature, never aggressive

Lil he has such a great nature, never aggressive, always wants to play with other dogs and he never barks which is a big bonus.He has a golden retriever female buddy down the street, they would play all day if you let them.

She is settling in so well

Merry Christmas Lil and Family,
We had a wonderful day and Coco is very loved  by all. My 92 year old Mum with her King Charles Maggie, my daughter Bec with her ?? Daisy, and of course Coco with me. She is settling in so well and we are now at our beach shack, so more new experiences. Coco travels very well and always reacts when we call her name. Loving my 2.5 and 9 month old grandchildren as well. Hope your Xmas was as relaxing as possible 🐾🐾🌲🥂


Olive has settled very well

Hi Lil, Olive has settled in very well, she has such a beautiful personality and is forming a friendship with our Pomeranian, Honey. She’s just gorgeous, growing quickly, a very good traveller in the car on long trips, and loves to snuggle me! Thank you again.

Slept the whole time with a couple of wee breaks, so it went very well. She’s a beautiful girl, so clever already ?

Likes it under the table at the moment, I’m sure she’ll settle in soon. Thanks again for everything!  No tears, just screams of joy.

He is so beautiful Lil

He is so beautiful Lil.  Very very cheeky but is the most beautiful dog!