Our Story

Patonga Free Range Puppies

Having both been raised on the land surrounded by nature, Andrew and Lil have had a lifelong passion to breeding and raising animals. Located on the banks of the Lachlan river surrounded by the rolling granite hills of Cowra is where Patonga Free Range Puppies evolved.

Our dogs are raised in a natural environment and have the ability to roam freely and play on the Lachlan River rather than being confined to an enclosure.

Having owned their own Labradors and Labradoodles for the past 22 years and after several litters, loads of love for the puppies and an incredible response to the breeding program, the demand for their pups has increased rapidly.

Andrew works in animal nutrition, alongside our in-house vet, a breeding program has slowly taken place to produce pups with the desired conformation and personality to make the perfect pet.

Our children play a large role in the socialization of the puppies and have been a big part of the program.

Our mission is to raise puppies so they make wonderful family pets.